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Me?...My Own Boss? Yes, This Has Become a Reality and I Will Show You How!

Dear Friend,

Sorry, we are not well aquatinted just yet, but my name is Jake Stevens. I am 26 years old from the beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

I WANT TO HELP YOU!. First though, I would like to tell you a little story about myself. To do this I will have to take you back to 2006...

There I sat, in my tightly packed cubicle. I hated my job. I filed papers every day at the local credit union. If you ever thought a job at the bank was a fun thing to do, I will tell you otherwise. My days were long and slow and very (I mean very) boring.

Every day I would start taking more and more risks while on the job. I began searching the Internet for new jobs, new opportunities ...essentially a way out. I had always thought I had way more potential than some who "files documents"...and I knew there were people that were much less intelligent than me making WAY more money.

Not to say I am the smartest cookie on the block, but I did get average grades. More than some of my friends that didn't even graduate high school, yet were in lucrative businesses...making six and sometimes seven figures!

Anyways, back to my story. I was sitting there searching on my work computer for an opportunity online and then out of nowhere...

Someone taps on my shoulder...

I turn back sharply in my chair!

"Shouldn't you be doing real work?" my manager says.

"Yes, you're right...I was just..."

"Save the excuses, just don't waste company time anymore." he said in a mean overtone.

I thought to myself...

Screw this ! I don't deserve to be treated like this. I not only only have the most boring, brain-dead job in the world, I am treated like I am some sort of farm animal!

I have way more to offer the world!


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Just Me Workin'

Above is a picture of me working (although it looks like I am just hangin' out). This is a typically day for me. I usually spend a good deal of my time working inside and then when I need some fresh air, I step into my back yard and do some work.

Sorry if the picture is not the best...I will try to get more up of me doing some more exciting stuff!

The point is though that this can be a reality. Sometimes I will just stroll down to Starbucks to do a little writing, and I have even been know to take days off (PS. I don't have a boss anymore!)

You can achieve this and within my site, I hope to help you see the light. There are some diamonds in the ruff (not everything is a scam online) and I am going to show you what has worked for me, how it works, and why.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't be afraid to hit me up. My name is Jake and I would love to give you a hand! :)

Take care!