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Does The Rich Jerk Really Have to Act This Way? Despite Being an ASS, His Book Isn't That Bad...

Alright, who really is this Rich Jerk guy? Is he really a jerk, or is that just his marketing ploy?

I know it is a marketing ploy. I haven't personally met the dude, but I have heard OK things about him through the grapevine. His name is Kelly Felix and he is actually a nice guy, minus the "marketing attitude". If you are here, you are probably wondering if the book is any good though.

In short, yes, it is good. However, there are some things you need to look out for and I outline these within the 5 stage review below (I could potentially save you from a $5000 mistake!!)

First though, here is the reason why I really can't stand the Rich Jerk (as a marketer):

I really don't care for The Rich Jerks advertising I do think he is a jerk. You have to look past this persona if you are going to buy his product, and if you can't, then that is fine as well. I am sure there is no love lost on other end!!

The Training - 7/10 Rank

Is The Rich Jerk training still relevant? This is the questions I get asked all the time. The book was first launched back in 2004, and cost $197. It was fueled by the sale of one of Rich Jerk's websites on eBay for several $100,000's.

Since then, the e-book has been updated. It has kept relatively relevant with the content, but it is not quite the business in a box it claims to be.

His marketing techniques are advanced and unless you have requisite knowledge, you are going to find it difficult to make use of any of the information. If you do not have a website already running and making you money, you may want to hold off on this product at the moment. However, if you want to expand your knowledge for just under $10, this training will definitely expand your horizons.

The Tools - N/A

The Rich Jerk Guide does not contain tools. It is pure content with links to free and paid tools.

The Support - 6/10 Rank

I like support. Plain and simple, the Rich Jerk support is lacking. They tend to try to push you towards their $5,000 mentoring package which I recommend AVOIDING AT ALL COSTS. I have tested their email support and did get a response, but the lag time was about 2 weeks. Not good enough, but then again, it is a $9.95 product.

User Success - 7/10 Rank

Have people succeed with the techniques within Rich Jerk's guide. Sure! Have I gained some insight into topics from the information inside The Rich Jerk that further my personal success. YES! There were some cool business tid-bits within the Rich Jerk guide that helped me increase my relationship with customers. I definitely gain something from this book...not as much as a community like Wealthy Affiliate, but you will find that people are gaining success in some aspect of their business from the material inside The Rich Jerk.

7/10 in the user success area from me.

The Community - 8/10 Rank

Rich Jerk has a forum. It used to be very active when I first purchased the product in 2008, but it seems that since things have slowed down a little. If you weed through all of the unanswered questions and blatant spam, you will find some quality info in the forum.

The odd knowledgeable marketer will be hanging out there as well. I haven't personally asked any questions within the Rich Jerk forum, however I have see people get responses to their questions. Newbie questions typically go unanswered, where more advanced ones tend to get responses (although not always accurate!).

the rich jerk forum

Nonetheless, The Rich Jerk has a community. 8/10 because it is active and it is there!

Overall, a The Rich Jerk is a good read and at $9.95 a very good value. Again, we warn you not to take advantage of their personal mentoring package they offer (upon signing-up) via phone as it will cost you $5000 and get nothing in return!

The Rich Jerk Guide is my #5 recommended "make money" training online.

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Jake Stevens

PS. Thanks for taking the time to read my full Rich Jerk Review!

the rich jerk review

Product: The Rich Jerk Guide
Company: Inc.
Rank: #5 Overall
Price: $9.95/mth
Overall Value: 7/10
Training: 7/10
Tools: N/A
Support: 6/10
User Success: 7/10
Community: 8/10

Positives: The quality of the ideas within The Rich Jerk guide are sound. Some of the techniques are timeless marketing lessons. The price is right as well. At $9.95 it is worth it, however be warned not to take the phone consultation.

Negatives: They try to suck another $5000 (yes $5000 out of you) after purchasing. If you do buy the book, don't get fooled into joining anything else The Rich Jerk recommends.

He is also a JERK. I don't like his attitude, so if you can't handle being talked down to, then avoid this product. I like the content but I don't lke that attitude!

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