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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Can You Really Earn Money as an Affiliate?

Does the term "affiliate marketing" cause you confusion?

That is OK...that is why I am here. The term confuses the best of us, but don't worry! I am going to explain everything to you in "layman's" terms, not some geeky, tech talk.

May name is Jake Stevens (my pic is over on the right ---->) I have been an affiliate marketer since 2007, so I like to think that I have a pretty good grasp of what affiliate marketing is, how to work it, and ultimately how to make money within the affiliate marketing world.

Before I get started here, I want to offer you my help. I have spent the last 2 years putting together information on how I have mastered the Affiliate Marketing puzzle and I actually created a free course outlining how I did it. I want to give YOU this course for free, but in exchange I want your email so that I can also continue giving you ongoing support and advice as to what works for me and what doesn't.

Interested? Simply fill out the form below.

Now, without further adieu, I am going to start with explaining how you make money with affiliate marketing.

How YOU Make Money With Affiliate Marketing...

affiliate marketing diagram

If you notice in the above diagram, the customer is always the first step. They customer is the one who ultimately purchases from the end seller (or merchant) and the reason you get paid. The idea as an affiliate marketer is to get the customer to visit your website, blog, article, social network, facebook, twitter...basically anywhere you can put a link.

The customer (not quite a customer yet) then "clicks" on your affiliate link. This is a special link giving to you by the seller (merchant) that tracks all of your sales data and clicks. If the person decides to purchase from the website after going through your affiliate link, you make a commission.

So how much do you get paid?

Well this is where it can really range. There are companies out there willing to pay people like you and me a lot of money just to drive traffic to their web pages. This includes 1,000's of products and some of the biggest companies in the world. Below are just a few examples.

affiliate programs

For example, Old Navy pays affiliates 4% of sales. FedEx pays 10%. Let's say you send some to the FedEx website through your affiliate link and they end up spending $200. You get paid $20.

Pretty cool right?

I promote many different affiliate programs. Some of them pay up to 75% commission on a sale. For example, I have promoted many different "how to" guides. Most of them cost around $40...and 75% commission on that is $40.

I MAKE $40 for simply sending someone to a website that they are interested in.

There are guides like this for:

"how to play guitar"
"how to lose weight"
"how to make money"
....there are 1,000's of them.

Affiliate programs pay BILLIONS of dollars every year to people like you and me. Affiliate programs allow people to work from home and run their own successful Internet businesses from home.

You can probably visualize what your life will be like when you have your own successful Internet business...

  • Set your own schedule.
  • Run your business from anywhere! All you need is Internet access. Most companies offer direct-deposit too so your checks go directly into your bank.
  • You make lots of money. Buy the things that you have always wanted...the cars, the vacations, the clothes, the jewelry, or send your kids off to school.
  • No more boss looking over your shoulder. No more job security issues.
  • You live a happier life. Why live a life that is full of stress?

And here is why "affiliate marketing" is the way to go.

  • You don’t have to sell anything. You simply send people to their websites and they take care of the rest.
  • You don't need a big budget. You can get started with next to nothing!
  • You don't have to be a technical background needed.
  • No customer support. The merchants deal with this.
  • No shipping.
  • Can work your own hours.
  • You don't have to deal with payments, sales tax, refunds or charge backs. These are all taken care of by the merchant.

Seeing the power of affiliate marketing? If you are not, then I don't know what else I can do to convince that this works. This is what I do full time! It is awesome, it works and I know many others that are doing much better than me (some making $50,000+ per month).

So you are probably asking, how the heck do I learn how to do this. Well, instead of me trying to explain everything on this page, I have spent a great deal of time creating a course that I have coined the "Internet Superhero Course". All you have to do is enter your name and email below and I will send you the course right away.

Whatcha waiting for? I want to help you succeed online in the same way I have achieved success. If a simple guy like me can succeed, you can definitely achieve success!

If you have any questions about internet scams (or products that aren't), please drop me an email. I look forward to building an ongoing relationship with you and helping you achieve success online!!

Take it easy,

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Jake Stevens (ME)

I am a full-time affiliate marketing. I earn in excess of $100,000 every year. I have been in this industry for 2 years now and I have seen a great opportunity to give back to people interested in making money online.

If you do have any questions along the way, feel free to shoot me an email. I am always around...