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My Rule: I ONLY Recommend Products That Work! I Owe it to YOU!

Hey there,

Jake Stevens, a fellow opportunity seeker here (check out my contact info here).

I have made a pact with myself. YOU COME FIRST! Here are a few rules I follow strictly with any my reviews on my website:

Rule 1: I don't recommend anything that doesn't work
Rule 2: I don't recommend anything that doesn't offer support
Rule 3: I don't recommend anything that isn't a good value
Rule 4: I don't recommend anything that is a scam
Rule 5: I don't recommend anything I wouldn't recommend to my mother!

So you have my word...

I have reviewed over 800 products online (and counting). This is a lot I know, but it is my goal to prevent YOU from being scammed. Think of me as the "consumer report" for make money opportunities online.

The reason I do this is because I personally have experienced success online, but at the same time I have been scammed so many damn times that I ran out of fingers. Therefore, if I can prevent you from being lured into one of the scams, I have done my job. And if I can't point you into one of the honest programs out there that actually work, I have also done my job.

You deserve succes and you deserve to spend your hard earned money in the right place! That is my job and that is the reason I have created My Favorite 5! You cannot go wrong with any of these. Please read my reviews below!

My Favorite 5 Make Money Products/Services

Wealthy Affiliate Platinum

#1: Wealthy Affiliate (Voted 2009/2010 Top Program Online)
Rank: #1 Affiliate Marketing University
Overall Value: 10/10
Price: $39/mth
Short Description: This is by far the best online training to be found anywhere, Wealthy Affiliate is the quickest and most effective system for learning how to earn money online. It is a top notch, fully support community!

Full Wealthy Affiliate Review: Click Here

work from home - who loves money #2: Who Loves Money
Rank: #2 Affiliate Marketing E-Book
Overall Value: 9/10
Price: $67
Short Description: To earn money online, you do not need to spend a lot money. Who Loves Money is a 100-page guide that teaches you how to make money affiliate marketing without having to spend a dime!

Full Who Loves Money Review: Click Here
Profit Lance - Work From Home #3: Profit Lance
Rank: #3 Affiliate Marketing Membership
Overall Value: 8.5/10
Price: $77
Short Description: Profit lance contains many resources, most of which are directed at making money online. The quality of the content is great, however the abundance of resources (and disorgranization) can leave you with a feeling of being overwhelmed. Overall well worth the money though!

Full Profit Lance Review: Click Here
Maverick Money Makers - Work From Home

#4: Maverick Money Makers
Rank: #4 Affiliate Marketing Membership
Overall Value: 7.5/10
Price: $97 per month
Short Description: Maverick Money Makers is a "make money" membership that contains a load of good quality videos. The only problem is that videos do become outdated, and some of them are starting to lose their initial relevance. A bit more expensive, but great videos.

Full MMM Review: Click Here

The Rich Jerk - Work From Home

#5: The Rich Jerk
Rank: #5 Affiliate Marketing Guide
Overall Value: 7/10
Price: $9.95 + $5000 Optional Training
Short Description:The Rich Jerk e-book is a timeless work from home "how to" guide. Although some of the content is now outdated, it still offers some great insight into making money online. At $9.95, the book is a good value but be careful of their sly mentoring package marketing (which costs in excess of $5000). Get the book, don't do the mentoring!

Full Rich Jerk Review: Click Here

If you have any questions about my favorite 5, (or any of my top products), please drop me an email.

Top view my absolute favorite "make money" product, click here.

Jake Stevens

top 5 make money products

My Fab 5 Make MOney Products

Here is a quick list of my personal favorites. These are my personal favorites that have actually worked for me!

Out of 800+ programs I have personally reviewed online, these are the "best" make money programs. You can't go wrong with any one of them.

#1 - Wealthy Affiliate University
#2 - Who Loves Money
#3 - Profit Lance
#4 - Maverick Money Makers
#5 - The Rich Jerk