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Who Loves Money Review - Will This "Make Money Online" Program Work For You?

Who Loves Money...or should I rephrase this, who doesn't love money.

If you are like me, an extra bit of money in the bank means a lot. It helps pay the bills, helps make life more enjoyable and removes heaps of stress.

Like the name of this 90+ page e-book indicates, it is geared towards helping people make money. The thing that I really like about Who Loves Money is that it does not require you to spend more money to make it. It provides free and very low cost marketing tactics within it. This is by far my favorite e-book related to Internet marketing I have read...and I have read A LOT now!

The Training - 9 /10 Rank

With close to 100 pages of pure content, Who Loves Money provides the ground work for great training in low-cost & free online marketing techniques.

Below is an outline of the table of contents in Who Loves Money:

My Favorite two sections from the book are the Niche Hunting and Slow Roller Techniques. The niche section will reveal new ways to find niches...and to find profitable niches. It takes advantage of a lot of free services that are readily available and that change regularly, providing you with endless streams of niches!

The Slow Roller Technique, what can I say...ABSOLUTE GOLD. This technique is widely acclaimed in the Internet marketing world, and I can see why. It has helped me change some things in my day to day marketing activities (simple things) to earn a lot more money. Without the training and fundamental breakdown of many topics in this book, I would be way worse off!

Smart marketing is also something that is emphasized within Who Loves Money. Below is a diagram that outlines how it teaches you to make money without having to spend in. Pretty neat stuff!

who loves money diagram

The Tools - 8/10 Rank

Who Loves Money does not contain "tools" per se, however it does include information on how to take full advantage of free tools and websites that are available on the Internet. Because of this it still retains a high rating in the tool category because it shows you how to use some of the most "brilliant" marketing tools in ways you would have never thought!

The Support - 9/10 Rank

The email support for Who Loves Money is good. I ran the test before purchasing this product, and got a response in less than 24 hours. Not too bad at all consider most products that I have done this test online (over 800 and counting) do not respond at all.

The email support "before you buy" is very important. So is the email support after you buy. I queried the Who Loves Money support after I bought seeking more information about the Slow Roller Technique and I got a response from their support again, in less than 24 hours. Pretty impressive!

Who Loves Money is a well supported product.

User Success - 9/10 Rank

Without user success, what is the point of getting a product. Who Loves Money delivers very high on the success ranking. I not only had a significant boost in my Niche Hunting capabilities after purchasing Who Loves Money, but I managed to improve the profitability of many of my "already running" PPC campaigns.

In fact, the Slow Roller Technique helped me increase my monthly earnings by over $2,000 alone. A single technique from this book now helps me earn a WHOPPING $24,000 extra every year. Pretty cool.

I also have spoken with other people (members at Wealthy Affiliate) whom have experienced simi liar success with the techniques in Who Loves Money. That is why it comes highly recommended by myself...and many others online (that review these sorts of products).

The Community - N/A

There is no community aspect with Who Loves Money. However, the creators of Who Loves Money, Kyle & Carson also own my #1 ranked (and most favoritest product in the world), Wealthy Affiliate...which contains an awesome community.

Who Loves Money is my #2 ranked training online. Click here to visit the website.

Click here to visit my Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Jake Stevens

PS. Thanks for taking the time to read my full Who Loves Money Review!

who loves money review

Product: Who Loves Money
Company: Niche Marketing Inc.
Rank: #2 Overall
Price: $77 (one time)
Overall Value: 9/10
Training: 9/10
Tools: 8/10
Support: 9/10
User Success: 9/10
Community: N/A

Positives: Who Loves Money is an excellent e-book that comes with a couple of great bonuses. The content is what makes Who Loves Money so valuable. There is one technique that I continue to use to this day, the "Slow Roller Technique". It is absolutely brilliant and if you follow this one technique alone, you will make much more than the cost of the book.

There are also great research techniques that I still use on a day-to-day basis. Overall this guide is Superb! I recommend it fully to anyone interested in low-cost marketing tactics.

Negatives: No community. Who Loves Money does lack the forum/networking components of many other "make money" products/services, but it does make up for it in the quality of the content. It is timeless!

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