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Maverick Money Makers Review - Is MMM All it's Cracked Up to Be?

In my personal opinion, Maverick Money Makers is a quality membership site. I have done extensive research within the paid membership area of Maverick Money Makers, I think I have come up with a review that will really help you make an educated purchasing decision.

Maverick Money Makers is my #5 ranked product (out of over 800 products) I have reviewed, but in saying that it is not the #1 product overall for good reason. There are both positives and negatives and I help you understand them within the sections below.

maverick money makers reviews

And the review begins....

The Training -8/10 Rank

Maverick Money Makers is a step-by-step money making system that focuses on teaching you the skills needed to build an online business in your spare time. The fact that it is step-by-step and made easy to understand through videos, makes Maverick Money Makers among the best affiliate marketing training out there.

Below is an example of the downloadable video training (can download as pod cast, audio, or in video format).

maverick money makers video training

This medium makes it easy to learn and easy to take the content with you on your iPod or iPhone.

Something else that I like about the training at Maverick Money Makers is that it is updated regularly. The owner, Mack Michael's, adds content usually around once per month, keeping the content current and fresh.

And this is pat of Maverick Money Makers that can be improved upon. Their video training does become outdated with time, thus making some of the training useless. I found it frustrating watching a 20 minute video only to get half way through and see footage that was outdated or no longer existed!

The following is a screen shot of the Maverick Money Makers "training menu" within the system:

maverick money makers core training

Sorry if it is tough to read, but here are the sections within the Core Training Section. Development, Online Spying, Keyword Mastery, SEO Intelligence, Content Creation, Video Marketing, and Social Network. All good training topics but I found the flow in between these a bit "choppy".

Overall the training is top notch and regularly updated. Maverick Money Makers Review gets an 8/10 from me. :)

The Tools - N/A

The Maverick Money Makers membership does not contain any tools, just training.

The Support - 8/10 Rank

Maverick Money Makers is fully supported. In my opinion, this is the most valuable part of the system as they do have people on hand to field your questions. I have asked a few questions within this community, and the response times are usually very good (within 48 hours).

Like Wealthy Affiliate, Maverick Money Makers does not leave you in the dark after signing-up. The responses are not from Mack Michael's himself, so they tend to be "templated" at times (not 100% helpful). In saying this, at least the support is there and you will get a response! :)

With all the research I have done, there are only a couple of companies out there that offer this sort of customer support. Kudos to Maverick Money Makers and Mack Michael's for stepping up with their support.

User Success - 8/10 Rank

The Maverick Money Maker claim is that their system will help you generate at least $354.97 per day from home in your spare time. I know very well that this IS possible, but it won't happen overnight...and to be honest with you, I don't see many success stories reflecting this within the Maverick Money Maker community.

There are people succeeding within their community area though! This is good news and is one of the reasons why I do recommend this product. The other reason being, I PERSONALLY have used some of the video training within Maverick Money Makers to increase my personal income. I make a 6-figure online every year, so I am very critical of user success stories.

Maverick Money Makers system is not a get-rich-quick scheme (no such thing exists). If you want to succeed with their program, you need to "take action" on what you learn. Same goes for any business online.

Overall, user success is taking place within MMM, but not that many people are earning $354.97 per day.

The Community - 7/10 Rank

When you become part of the "club", really just another name for the membership, you get access to the other members within the Maverick Money Makers community. Although there are some really successful marketers within Maverick Money Makers, I have found them much more "tight lip" than those within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

There are some "gold nuggets" to be found within the Maverick Money Makers community, but overall I found it is more about people boasting when they succeed, rather than helping those that really need it. This is why I give it a 7/10. It still has the community, but not as good as it could be!

Overall, Maverick Money Makers is good product that you cannot go wrong with, but it still lacks in a few small areas that I mentioned above. Even at $97 per month, it is still a pretty good deal.

Maverick Money Makers is my #4 recommended "make money" training online.

Click here to visit the Maverick Money Makers Website.

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Jake Stevens

PS. Thanks for taking the time to read my full Maverick Money Makers Review!

Maverick Money Makers Review

Product: Maverick Money Makers
Company: Maverick Money Makers Inc.
Rank: #4 Overall
Price: $97/mth
Overall Value: 7.5/10
Training: 8/10
Tools: N/A
Support: 8/10
User Success: 8/10
Community: 7/10


-Great Video Training
-Fully Supported
-Updated Regularly


-No Tools
-Community not the greatest
-Training is somewhat "choppy"

Overall, Maverick Money Makers is a solid buy. I recommend this as my 4th highest product (out of over 800!).

Visit Maverick Money Makers Website!